Blue Lion Homecare - Professional Carpet Cleaners in Leeds

We have years of experience cleaning everything from carpets, to rugs, to office furniture & almost anything else. We have specific machines for tough jobs to get the stains out. The method we employ to clean & boost the appearance of your home or workplace is always first class. The chemicals we use are never substandard, and our values are based upon that of a family business.


Rug Cleaner Leeds

Don't fret, we are fully insured & we guarantee that you will be 100% happy with our service. We always test for dye transfer before cleaning.

Don't worry, before we start the job, we always double check which cleaning agent it most suited to your particular stain. 


Our Guarantee's

  • You will always be dealt with personally by one of our local specialists.
  • The work we complete will be faultless.
  • All quotes are free, don't hesitate to get in touch for a quick chat regarding carpet cleaning either.

We'll give you a free estimate with no obligation

Just get in touch for a free quote. As we say, nothing is set in stone, just call for a quick chat & we can come out and solve your carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning problems.